Brent Leo-Smith

​Having grown up in the wilds of Southern Africa, Brent has been involved in the wildlife business from a young age. At first as a safari guide, camp manager and concession manager in some of the most remote parts of over 10 African countries. Since 2010, Brent has worked on wildlife film productions as a cameraman and most prominently as a presenter. He has featured on both Animal Planet and National Geographic Wild, presenting in over 50 episodes of  the Nat Geo Wild SafariLive series. Brent's passion is sharing and conserving the wild spaces of Africa.

Wium Dornbrack

Wium is enthralled when electrons, photons and waves come together to turn into powerful pictures! To see dreams turn into reality is what he lives for professionally. Wium was involved in installing 110 km / 68.4 miles of fiber optic and coaxial cable in South Africa's soccer stadiums for HBS during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Wium was a senior members of the National Geographic SafariLive production team, as both a cameraman and camera engineer - where he also designed and built various outside broadcast 4x4 units, camera caging systems and linux storage servers. Wium's passions are wildlife, big cats, travel and the beauty of motion pictures which capture Africa's remote and extreme environments.


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