Join Painteddog.TV in person in Africa for the experience of a lifetime!


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About our safaris

Join Painteddog TV in person in Africa for the experience of a lifetime, all for the love of wildlife!

With’s CEO and co-founder, Brent Leo-Smith, having been involved in the safari industry one way or another his entire life and at some of the most sought after and remote destinations on the continent, it is only right that Painteddog TV have its own unique safari offerings for guests to enjoy.

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What's Included?

Painteddog TV’s safaris include


Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be involved in, learn about, and contribute towards crucial conservation work in the African wild

Daily safari activities

Game drives and/or bush walks with a private guide in nature reserves with some of the best game viewing in Africa

5-Star Amenities

Stunning accommodation, delicious food, drinks, and seamless transfers to and from the local airport

In 2022 we have available four unique privately guided Painted Dog Conservation Safaris, as well as tailor-made safaris in Southern Africa, East Africa, and Gabon

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Conservation Safaris


Privately guided by Brent Leo-Smith and the other talented guides, our unique Painted Dog Conservation Safaris for up to eight people affords you the privilege of being part of leading conservation efforts in South Africa. You will spend a day in the field with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Grant Beverly monitoring painted dogs, talks and dinners with Grant and professional wildlife veterinary doctors from Wildscapes Veterinary & Conservation Services, and a generous donation of ZAR 20,000 made directly towards the conservation of painted dogs is also included in the price! All this, while based in exclusive prime bushveld areas in the Greater Kruger National Park and surrounds, with its unforgettable game viewing and breathtaking scenery.

Painted dogs, classified as endangered according to the IUCN Red List, were once distributed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, except for forests and extreme deserts. Painted dogs have disappeared from much of their former range due to conflict with humans, and the largest populations remain in Southern Africa and the Southern part of East Africa. Approximately 5,500 free-ranging painted dogs remain, with numbers currently stable. Fewer than 450 individuals survive in Southern Africa with numbers increasing due to conservation efforts to expand their range.

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Details & Pricing

CHOOSE the safari for you

Four Nights at Siviti Timbavati Homestead

Four Nights at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House

Six Nights at Siviti Timbavati Homestead and Khaya Ndlovu Manor House

Four Nights at Leopard’s Lair Luxury Bush Lodge