Join Painteddog.TV in person in Africa for the experience of a lifetime!

Painteddog.TV Safaris

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About our safaris

Join Painteddog TV in person in Africa for the experience of a lifetime, all for the love of wildlife!

With’s CEO, Brent Leo-Smith, having spent his entire life in one shape of form in the safari industry and at numerous leading safari lodges and nature reserves throughout the African continent, who better than Brent and his dedicated team to put together your dream African safari!

Whether you’re visiting the African wild for pleasure or purpose and with a small or larger group, are here to provide you with exactly what you need and more.

Contact us today for a quote, query, or to setup a call.

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Safari types

About our safaris

Privately Guided

Having the best guide possible is an essential part of the greatest life changing safari experiences! With a private guide, you can be certain that the special attention you receive from such an experienced adventurer, naturalist, and host, means that you get out of your safari more than you ever thought possible. From the guides’ intricate knowledge of the area’s wildlife and ecosystem to the stories of great adventure to be told around the fire, all while making sure your every need is seamlessly addressed, we have no doubt you will never want to safari without a private guide ever again.



If you are looking for an experiences that adds value to the environment, and with conservation lying at the core of’s values, we are perfectly placed to assist with your desire to give back. Should you choose to add a conservation element to your safari, not only will you get to observe the extremely important conservation work being done on the ground, but we also make it easy for you to both make a material financial contribution to a leading African conservation organisation and get hands on experience in the area that your money is going to!

Safariss Luxury


The African wild can be ruthless and tough at times, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to taste gourmet foods and fine wines on your pallet, feel the highest quality sheets on your skin, or enjoy the ultimate luxury of being cared for by staff with empathy and diligence.’s associated safari lodges offer all this while immersed in the most desirable safari destinations Africa has to offer!

Safaris Groups


Whether going on safari as family or with friends, has discovered hidden gems throughout the continent which allow groups going on safari to not only experience the best Africa has to offer, but to do so while enjoying exclusivity through separate luxury accommodation, a private safari guide, safari vehicle, chef, and butler. All of which allows your group to enjoy the safari on your terms, and often a reduced rate.
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Some of our favourite destinations

"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy." - Ernest HemingwaY
Safaris South Africa

South Africa

With the real possibility seeing all the Big 5 within just 48 hours of stepping off your plane, and in settings that melt away all ambitions, South Africa is arguably the most underrated safari destination in Africa.
Safaris Botswana


From the crystal-clear streams of the Okavango Delta to the baobab islands along the Makgadikgadi Pans to name but a few, Botswana’s wildlife is observed in some of the most breath-taking scenery the world has to offer.

Safaris Zambia


Not many places in the world offer the sense of wilderness you get when visiting the awe inspiring yet underappreciated safari destinations of Zambia, and you certainly do not experience it anywhere else while amongst the highest leopard population density in Africa.
Safaris Namibia


The unsuppressed desert landscapes of Namibia that are home to specially adapted desert lions and elephants will make you realise that nothing is impossible, and there is beauty in every challenge that may come your way.

Safaris Zimbabwe


The dramatic Victoria Falls, the mighty Zambezi River, and the mystical Mana Pools are just a few of many reasons to visit Zimbabwe with its iconic wildlife, landmarks, and scenery.
Safaris Kenya


Kenya is the safari destination that first captured the world’s imagination, and for good reason. We will keep you away from the tourist crowds to experience the great migration in all its majesty, with a Kenyan safari unrivalled by any other.