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hosting major live and interactive virtual conservation events

Painteddo.tv’s Virtual Conservation Experiences are completely unique and a world first. They bring nature conservation operations to the public in a way never-seen-before, and provide a brand-new opportunity for conservationists to raise crucial funding. Anyone with an internet connection now has opportunity to be an intimate part of the critical conservation work being done out in the field, by some of the world’s leading nature conservation organisations. 

To date, Painteddog.tv has successfully hosted and broadcast several live Virtual Conservation Experiences, including the collaring of two wild elephant bulls in the Timbavati Game Reserve, on behalf of Elephants Alive & Blue Sky Society, as well as the release of South Africa’s last free-roaming pack of painted dogs onto the Lapalala Wilderness, and the collaring of a painted dog pack on Thorny Bush Game Reserve, in support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

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Immerse yourself in the African wild from where ever you are in the world

Immerse yourself in the African wild from where ever you are in the world, and join one of our friendly expert safari guides for a live, intimate and fully interactive virtual exploration of the African wild – a place like no other on earth!

Observe the bathing rituals of elephants and the power plays of lion, or learn about how giraffe get outsmarted by talking trees and why hornbills lock up their mates.

Not only may ask your expert guide any questions and make comments, we encourage it. Our passion is the African wild and our joy is being able to share it with you.

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Expertise and dedication that cannot be beaten

Since Painteddog.tv began operating in January 2019, there has hardly been a day without crew in the field capturing wild animals and nature on film, or an editor in the studio working creatively with the film.

So far, Painteddog.tv has captured enough wildlife footage and stories-lines for up to four full-length documentaries, dozens of short stories, and countless hours of stock-footage.

Painteddog.tv currently broadcasts via a YouTube channel, where you can find new wildlife videos being uploaded weekly.

It is also where we broadcast our live weekly talk-show, that’s WILD!

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Experienced crew with world class equipment

Painteddog.tv’s crew are well versed and equipped for challenges of filming in the African wild, both in South Africa and other African countries. So far we have provided camera-persons and equipment for world-class broadcasters and shows, both from South Africa and abroad.

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assisting film crews looking to shoot in the African wild and related areas

Painteddog.tv is well connected, experienced and perfectly positioned to assist more traditional film crews looking to shoot in the African wild and related areas. From ensuring film-crew safety and location scouting, to transportation and accommodation sourcing, Painteddog.tv will make your filming experience in the African wild a seamless and enjoyable one.

Past clients have come from as far abroad as the UK and Japan, filming for adverts, NGO fund-raising, and prime-time television shows.

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Download the Painteddog.tv App by clicking here from your iOS or Android device.

Through the app you can receive the latest videos, photos or conservation news from both Painteddog.tv and our partners. You can also share your photos, video and thoughts with the rest of the Painteddog.tv pack members.