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Redefining expectations & setting new standards in immersive, transformative wildlife encounters.

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What makes

Established in January 2019, the coincidence of’s founder’s diverse experience has resulted in a wildlife media and safari company with a globally unique offering. 

With a wealth of safari and film-making expertise, rooted in the untamed heart of South Africa alongside the renowned Kruger National Park, stands ready to continuously redefine the essence of a wildlife media and safari enterprise.

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Pride in everything we do

LIVE safaris

Embark on a virtual journey into the heart of the African wilderness, no matter where you are in the world. Join our warm and knowledgeable safari guides for a live, immersive, and fully interactive exploration of the unparalleled wonders of the African wild—a realm unlike any other on Earth!


Trailblazing as the world's sole company orchestrating impactful live and interactive virtual conservation events on a grand scale, sets a precedent for global engagement in the realm of wildlife conservation, education and fund raising.

Safari Planning & GUiding

In the very fabric of's essence, CEO Brent Leo-Smith, a lifelong safari enthusiast, has immersed himself in Africa's most coveted destinations. Our DNA is infused with the spirit of safari planning and guiding, embodying a legacy of passion and expertise.

WIldlife Film Makers is unwaveringly committed to the cause, with scarcely a day passing without our dedicated crew capturing the untamed beauty of wildlife and nature in the field. Meanwhile, our passionate editors in the studio tirelessly weave creativity into every frame, illustrating our unyielding dedication to the awe-inspiring world we document.

Fixers, Film Crew & Equipment

In the unforgiving expanse of the African wilderness, capturing its essence on film poses formidable challenges., equipped with the expertise to conquer these challenges, stands ready to provide comprehensive film crew and cutting-edge solutions for your project, ensuring that your vision transcends obstacles and unfolds with brilliance.


Where the magic unfolds. Receive real-time LIVE Safari schedules, exclusive promotions, updates, captivating videos, and stunning photos. Immerse yourself in this communal journey by sharing your own photos, videos, and thoughts, creating a tapestry of shared inspiration and discovery.

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the people that make the magic happen
Brent from PaintedDogTV


CEO, Co-founder, & Safari Guide

Wium from PaintedDogTV


CTO & Co-founder

Gareth Poole

Gareth Poole

Safari Guide


Ronnie Harris

Safari Planner

Andrew Rider

Andrew Rider

Cameraman & Safari Guide

Yuka from PaintedDogTV

Yuka OTA

Safari Guide

Matthew from PaintedDogTV

Matthew GIE

Lead Cameraman

Jana Muller

Jana Muller

Writer, Director, Producer