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Pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a wildlife media & SAFARI company.

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What makes

Established in January 2019, the coincidence of’s founder’s diverse experience has resulted in a wildlife media and safari company with a globally unique offering. 

With extensive safari and film-making experience while based in the wild heart-land of South Africa bordering the famous Kruger National Park, perfectly poised to keep pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a wildlife media and safari company.

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Pride in everything we do

LIVE safaris

Immerse yourself in the African wild from where ever you are in the world, and join one of our friendly expert safari guides for a live, intimate and fully interactive virtual exploration of the African wild - a place like no other on earth!

LIVE CONSERVATION EXPERIENCES is the first and only company in the world to have successfully hosted major live and interactive virtual conservation events.

Safari Planning & GUiding

With's CEO, Brent Leo-Smith, having spent his entire life in safaris in one form or the other and in Africa's most sought after destinations, safari planning and guiding is in our DNA.

WIldlife Film Makers

Since began operating in January 2019, there has hardly been a day without crew in the field capturing wild animals and nature of film, or an editor in the studio working creatively with the film.

Film Crew, Equipment, & Fixers

Filming in the African wild is challenging, with able to offer film crew and equipment solutions for your project.


Through the app you can receive the latest LIVE Safari schedules, safari promotions, news, videos, photos and more. You can also share your photos, video and thoughts with others.

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the people that make the magic happen
Brent from PaintedDogTV


CEO, Co-founder, & Safari Guide

Wium from PaintedDogTV


CTO & Co-founder

Gareth Poole

Gareth Poole

Safari Guide

Yuka from PaintedDogTV

Yuka OTA

Safari Guide

Jana Muller

Jana Muller

Writer, Director, Producer

Matthew from PaintedDogTV

Matthew GIE

Director of Photography